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30 March 2010 @ 02:50 am
Name: Donna

Age: 23

Location: United States

Websites or similar that have sorted you into Slytherin:

The Hogwarts Dress Up Doll/Quiz
Hogwarts House Sorting Quiz
The Hogwarts Hat Sorting Quiz
Hogwarts Sorting Hat
Which Hogwarts House Would The Sorting Hat Place You In?

In your personal opinion, what makes a Slytherin:

A Slytherin is someone with ambition, class, cunning, and superior breeding. A Slytherin is someone who isn't afraid to be the best of the best and the worst of the worst at the same time.

Choose one stereotype about Slytherins that you believe is unfair, and tell us why:

That Slytherins are disloyal.

This is completely unfair because, at the heart of it, a Slytherin isn't really JUST looking out for number one. A Slytherin is also looking out for family and close friends; the people who actually matter.

Just because it's not the Slytherin way to save EVERYBODY doesn't mean we're completely disloyal. Just selective.

What personal traits make you well suited to being a Slytherin:

Social Poise
Upperclass Attributes
My Fine Understanding of My Own Wants and Needs

Describe something you've done that you consider Slytherin-like:

Paying my university extra money to let me into the Honor College without making the grades.

What, in your personal opinion, is a Slytherin's code of conduct:

Whatever you're doing, make sure you're the best at it. And if you're not the best, be the second best and get rid of the first.

If you couldn't be in Slytherin, which other house would you be in, and why shouldn't you be in that house in the first place:

If I wasn't in Slytherin, I would be in Ravenclaw, because I would never be in Gryffindor and all that leaves is Hufflepuff, which is completely undesirable.

I shouldn't be in any of those other houses because I recognize the pointlessness of being in any other house BUT Slytherin.

Explain in less than 500 words why you wish to join [info]slytherin:

I want to join this community because I just found out it existed and I was thrilled at the chance to show house pride. That's pretty much it.