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19 November 2008 @ 06:51 pm
Cosa Nostra  
Name: Benjamin

Age: 20

Location: U.S.A.

Websites or similar that have sorted you into Slytherin: http://www.nimbo.net

In your personal opinion, what makes a Slytherin: A dedication and loyalty to your ‘family’—not necessarily your relatives, but whomever you think of as ‘family’; a determination to acheive your goals, whether they involve owning a little cafe or being CEO of a corporation, or anything in between; an appreciation for the Arts of Hermes—id est, the forms of lying, the art of riddles and trickery, discretion, diplomacy, networking/schmoozing, and conning; A willingness to punish those who betray the ‘family’, because Slytherins rarely forgive, and never forget.

Choose one stereotype about Slytherins that you believe is unfair, and tell us why: The stereotype I fight the most against is the one that Slytherin started with—that they only take pure bloods. This does not meet with the traits the Hat describes, despite the fact that Salazar was adamant about it. I think that being a pureblood does not mean you’re a Slytherin, and being a Slytherin doesn’t mean you have to be a pureblood—just look at the Dark Lord. Salazar’s ideal did not carry on into his house, because the personality traits were more important to him, as is made obvious by the Sorting Hat’s decisions.

What personal traits make you well suited to being a Slytherin: I am a disciple of Hermes; and definitely understand the ‘Cosa Nostra’ attitude, being raised by a Sicilian father. The art of schmoozing and networking is something I’m very good at, and I’ve already taken a step most never have the ambition to take, in moving 3,000 miles from where I was born, by myself. I have a loyalty to those I call ‘family’ that supercedes all other loyalties, even those of blood, and I am not fettered by conscience that prevents me from using those that aren’t ‘family’ to get what I want.

Describe something you’ve done that you consider Slytherin-like: A month or so ago, my wife and I went a week without a car. Out here that is disastrous, but for three consecutive days I extracted a ride home from utter strangers with a bit of silver-tongued conversation and my sparkling wit alone.

What, in your personal opinion, is a Slytherin’s code of conduct: Be loyal and true…to the family; never give up on what you want; always use discretion when circumventing the ‘rules’ (whether the rules in question are written as law or simply the expected conduct of society); think for yourself, don’t let others think for you; set your own morals; hedonism is not an alternate lifestyle, it is THE lifestyle; do not ever serve, even if it looks like you are.

If you couldn’t be in Slytherin, which other house would you be in, and why shouldn’t you be in that house in the first place: A lot of people say I’m a Ravenclaw, but what they don’t see is that I’m intelligent because it is my hobby to be intelligent. I have more than a thirst for knowledge—I use it to further my own ends, whereas a Raven would simply learn it for the sake of knowing it. For a Raven, learning is more than a hobby, and there are myriad other things that are simply hobbies, from riddles to sudoku to physics. For me, learning is my hobby, and my stated purpose is to fulfil my goals and slake my thirst for power. I have no patience for the hobbies of Ravens, unless they can somehow get me closer to my goals, or please me.

Explain in less than 500 words why you wish to join slytherin: I’m tired of being underestimated, told I’m a Raven when I know I’m a Serpent. Perhaps it is rather Serpentine, to be a snake in bird feathers, but regardless of that, I feel a good Sorting Hat should know where I should really be. Though I (of course) have no ideals involving blood purity, I think that is the primary misconception outsiders have of Slytherin. For me, it is a purity of spirit, a mind that is not chained by abstract, taught convictions of what is Right and what is Wrong—I have a more realistic view of the world than that, especially considering I am many shades of grey, myself.

If the main trait of Slytherin is ambition, then I have definitely always been a Slytherin, even if I haven’t always known what to do with my ambition. I still have it. Since I was young I have had ambition bordering on conviction—unlike my peers, I did not have ‘dreams’. I had goals. I went through a period of letting others convince me not to have them, but we are all vulnerable in our adolescence. Indeed, I do not profess to be invulnerable now—but I will never again lose sight of my own ambition, and I will never again let others rule my life. I make my own rules of conduct, define my own morals, and cringe at the thought of doing anything for the good of the group if it is a detriment to me…unless, of course, it is for the good of my Family.

I feel I would be a good addition to Slytherin because of the fact that I am a subtler breed of serpent than perhaps the average. If you will, I am a rattler, rather than a mamba. Not as poisonous, and more inclined to reserve my venom for my intended victims, rather than those who simply irritate me.

I am still on the path of learning to hone the traits of my house, so I would be glad to learn from others. However, I am not a novice, so I would also be glad to teach the younger students some of the things I myself have learned.