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19 October 2008 @ 10:56 pm
You didn't vote last time, so I post my app again. ;)  
Before starting I want to apologise cause my english is not perfect... well, I'm a french girl.

Name : Shandi
Age : 22

Location : France

Websites or similar that have sorted you into Slytherin :

I was sorted into it by many website quizzes, but if you need proof I was sorted slytherin by the biggest HP French website (Poudlard.org) and the official Harry Potter website a long time ago. Anyway, most of the time, website sort me into this house.

In your personal opinion, what makes a Slytherin :

Ambition, nobleness, cunning, loyalty, mystery, pride and sometimes haughtiness, but also real passion tempered by their ability to think ahead what they do, attraction to power and able to be beautiful in the dark.

Choose one stereotype about Slytherins that you believe is unfair, and tell us why :

I think I'm not surprising you if I say that the first stereotype about Slytherins that I believe is unfair is that there are only pure-blooded wizard in this house. The story already proves the contrary.
But I must confess that I always believed in Harry Potter. I think it's wrong to affirm that every slytherin has to be against good and against Potter. Nothing is entirely dark. Slytherin or not, human heart is complex, made by dilemmas and contradictories. I'm not evil, I don't hate muggles (ok, I sneer at squibs but it's not as if I want to kill them all), and I dare anybody to bring my belonging to Slytherin in question.

What personal traits make you well suited to being a Slytherin :

 I'm not a super-negotiator, but I know simple mechanism of manipulation.
And I can say that I'm really ambitious. Besides, I'm studying law in order to become a judge or a deputy. I would lie if I claim that I'm a very successful girl, but I keep on trying to improve myself.
I know I've got a big ego, but as I look childish people are never enough wary of me.

Describe something you've done that you consider Slytherin-like:

I can't help using people to get what I want. Sometimes it scares me how, by simple manipulation I make connections and friends in order to get something and drop them as soon as I get it. I have a group of good friends though whom I'm faithful to, someway they're like me.
Oh, being at the top is a big topic too. I love to be the best, not just to be good at something, but the only one in my own podium.  I can assure you that it's not easy. But hey, slytherins never choose easiness.

There are too much things I've done that I consider slytherin-like... Well, one day I was looking for a little job which suited with my timetable. I find a student who were looking for this kind of job too. I get her look for it, letting her think that we'll do everything together (letters, contact societies etc).  I fixed a day of rendez-vous in order to meet chiefs in charge of recruitement into the socities she found (alone). This day I just picked the paper from her hands and went to meetings... alone. She never get a job this year, it wasn't my problem. Indeed, I never said anything about us doing the research together...nor the contrary, I reckon.

What, in your personal opinion, is a Slytherin's code of conduct :

Pride and ambition. In my mind it means everything. Stay pride for yourself and people you love. And do everything you can or can't to achieve your aims.

If you couldn't be in Slytherin, which other house would you be in, and why shouldn't you be in that house in the first place :

When I'm not sorted into Slytherin by quizzes, I'm sorted into Ravenclaw. I don't say it for my ego. I shouldn't be there in first place because I'm too ambitious, I always want to be the only one on my podium, remember. I love to sneer at people too; I don't think bitchies like me deserve to be in Ravenclaw. And even if I'm sure that the more you learn, the more you're lucid about the world and the human race, I also think that the more you're lucid, the more you suffer. JKRowling showed it well with the character of Dumbledore.
 I just can't be a Gryffindor... And for Hufflepuff, I'm too selective when it comes to choose friends.

Explain in less than 500 word why you wish to join slytherin :

I know I belong to this house. The reason I'm applying to join the community is that I want to meet other slytherins and discuss with them.

Well, once again, sorry if I made some fault, I'm not bilingual yet... But I'm sure it will be ok soon.
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Amber: HP -slytherinsexycarebear72884 on October 20th, 2008 05:31 pm (UTC)
yes, very well thought out. Do not worry about your english, although it isn't perfect, you get your point across. Nobody would expect perfection when they know it is your second language.
mytoxicberrymytoxicberry on October 24th, 2008 11:57 am (UTC)